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By now, hundreds of green professionals across the country are already working with our online drawing tool. These garDsign ambassadors are happy to tell you about their experiences with the tool. The garDsign team is always open to feedback from users. This way, we can make our online drawing tool even more convenient to use!

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PVS Hoveniers

Paul van Stippent knows that he is no computer hero. Nevertheless, he can get on well with garDsign's online drawing tool. "Thanks to this programme, I can draw a garden together with the customer in a very short time and without fuss," he says

Garden and Vegetable Service Henri Jansen

Previously, Henri drew every garden design by hand. Nothing wrong with that of course, because it's still a great way to make a garden design. However, Henri sometimes found it difficult to convey a 2D hand-drawn garden design in the right way and make it tangible. "You would then already have to be able to draw 3D very well if you want to make things clear," he says

Van Laar Gardens

After two years of training, Wander van Laar from Veenendaal still couldn't find his feet in the digital drawing programme he was using. Until he was introduced to garDsign in 2015: "Anyone can learn this!"

Gardening company Harry de Winkel

Harry de Winkel from Klarenbeek in Gelderland has been satisfactorily designing his gardens via the garDsign programme for years. New to the online drawing tool is the digital link with marXact, which makes digitally measuring gardens very easy. De Winkel is happy to use this handy functionality.

Gardening company Gerard Kemerink

Gerard Kemerink from Losser, together with his employee Joost van Zutphen, attended a workshop at garDsign. "Nice to be able to work out a design down to the smallest details."

Stam Hoveniers

Jeroen Stam, owner of Stam Hoveniers from Dordrecht: "With this online programme, I can very simply make adjustments according to the customer's wishes. It's much less labour-intensive!"

Rikhof Gardens

Soon after choosing garDsign's online drawing tool, Thomas Rikhof attended a workshop with owner Teunis van de Pol. "As designers, you then learn not only from Teunis, but also from each other."

Alec Bijlsma landscapers

Gardener Alec Bijlsma from Nederhorst Den Berg has been working with garDsign's online drawing tool for three years. "It's a programme you quickly get the hang of and you can also put all your creativity into it."

Teunis de Jong gardens

Gardener Teunis de Jong has been working with garDsign's online drawing tool for two years now. "Now that I draw online, I shift terraces very easily and make tiles bigger or smaller in one click. Much more convenient!"

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