How can I search for a question in the 'Helpcenter'?

Search in helpcenter

In our help centre, we provide answers to 'Frequently asked questions' and a guide to using our tools. We do this with detailed explanations. We will show you how to find and search your question in our 'Helpcenter' in the video below.

VIDEO; Explanation of how to search for questions in the help centre

Watch the video to find out how to search for a question in the garDsign helpcenter.

Contact us via the 'Contactcenter' if you run into a problem or can't quite work it out.

VIDEO; Online garden design with support

Watch the video on how to contact garDsign.

Tip: If your answer is not listed and/or if you have any feedback or tips for us, please contact us via the 'Contact centre', or leave your feedback below the article.

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