Watering plan

How can I add watering in my design?

Without water no life. The same goes for the garden, of course! To take good care of your plants, a watering plan is important. In this plan, you calculate how many water points are needed to optimally water the garden. In our online drawing program, a handy watering tool has been added and you can easily add water points in the drawing. Import your plot with the aerial photo. Draw the watering surfaces, such as the borders and flower boxes, the vegetable garden and the lawn. Then add the watering, such as sprinklers or a water point.

Video: explanation watering plan

In the video we explain how to compile your watering plan from the design.

How to calculate a watering plan for your garden? Simple! You just need to know what the water pressure is, i.e. how many litres of water come out of the tap per minute. And whether there is a ditch or well near the garden. You enter these values, and with a few presses of a button the whole garden is digitally watered. You then have exactly the right number of sprinklers working optimally for the area of your garden. This saves you a lot of time and calculations.

At the top of the menu bar, choose 'Watering'. You can then choose to add sprinklers, a water point or a distribution box. You can automatically place the watering and pipes in your drawing.

Watch the video above with additional instructions on the watering tool and get the most out of this handy functionality.

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