Walk through your garden in 3D

Perhaps the most powerful part of our drawing tool, making the garden design visual and tangible, for example when you are dealing with height differences. Maybe they are already naturally present in your plot, or maybe you want to create them in the new garden design. For example, by creating a pond with a raised terrace next to it. In our online drawing tool you can easily work with height differences and make them visual and tangible in the garden design in 3D. Take the lowest point of the garden as the 0-point

Video: make the garden design visual and tangible in 3D

Watch the video on how to set height differences and visualise them in 3D.

When working with height differences, it's a good idea to not only assess the design from above. Click on 'First Person Camera' to walk (virtually) through your design

Click on 3D for the 3D world. Determine the viewing direction and zoom in by scrolling. Right-click to move the image. At the top right of the screen, you will see the button to go to the First Person Camera. By simply pressing the letter W, you then 'walk' forward virtually. You can clearly see which parts of the garden are higher and which lower. Lots of viewing pleasure!

You can also simulate sun and shade in 3D for a realistic representation of the garden at any time of day. Watch the video above with additional instructions and get the most out of this handy functionality.

Video: first person camera and walk through your garden in 3D

In the video, see how you can walk through your garden in 3D.

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