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You should preferably plant a vegetable garden in a sunny spot. And if you are a sun worshipper, you probably don’t want a terrace shaded by trees. If you want to draw a garden design that suits you exactly, you will need to know where the sun is at what time of day. The online garden drawing tool is a very handy functionality included. You can easily simulate and set the sun and shade in your garden design

Video: sun and shade simulation in your garden design

Watch the video on how to simulate sun and shade in your design.

Determine the North-South direction of your house and garden. The North arrow appears in the top left-hand corner. In the online drawing program you can easily switch viewing directions: north, south, east, west and top view. The southern direction of your garden is the sunny side

In the 3D view, you can perfectly simulate what the sun and shade side of your garden is. Zoom in by scrolling. You will see the shade of trees and buildings appear automatically.

Besides sun and shade, wind direction and rain direction are important. For example, if you want to build a veranda where you can sit nice and sheltered, don’t place it facing the wind. Or do you discover that your garden is full of wind? Then choose plants that can withstand this well, such as feather grass. Watch the video above with additional instructions and, besides simulating sun and shade positions, learn more about wind direction and rain.