Printing to scale

How can I print my garden design to scale?

Have you finished your garden design or do you want to show it to someone in the meantime? Our online drawing tool also includes a functionality to print your garden design to scale. This can be done in both 2D and 3D. The scale indicates the relationship between reality and your drawing. When you print your file, you can set the scale and view. An appropriate printout will be generated from your current view choices based on the garden design you created.

Video: printing garden design to scale

Watch the video to see the printing options for your garden design.

A scale of 1 to 100 means that one centimetre in the drawing is one hundred centimetres in real life. You can change the scale both in the drawing and in the left menu. In the menu on the left you can choose various scales, including 1 to 100 of course.

Go to 'File', then click 'Print'. You can then choose the desired settings, scale and display. When printing, you will see that the scale changes based on the page size you choose.

Settings enable or disable dimension lines, text labels, legend, images et cetera. Watch the video above with additional instructions and learn how to print your garden design to scale.

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