Plants search engine

How do I use the Plant Encyclopaedia and plant search engine?

Are you designing a garden and looking for certain plants, trees and shrubs to match this design? Use the plant search engine: a unique, advanced search engine for plants and trees. You simply enter your requirements such as the name of a plant or a characteristic, e.g. hardy, evergreen or pond plant. You can then view the results and compare plants. Thanks to the Plant Encyclopaedia in the online drawing tool, you can draw up a precise planting plan. This allows you to see exactly how your chosen plants will look in the garden design

VIDEO; PlantsEncyclopaedia and plant finder

See in the video how to look up a plant with characteristics in the plant finder.

You can easily add the images of the plants you look up in the Plant Encyclopaedia to your mood board or garden design. Click 'Edit', then 'Shop image' and finally 'Add image'

At the top of the menu, click on 'Products', then 'Plant Encyclopaedia'. You can then search by name, but also by a term or a characteristic such as flowering time.

You can easily create a plant list. Watch the video above with additional instructions and get the most out of the handy and complete Plant Encyclopaedia and search engine.

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