Own images

How can I put my own images in the garden design?

In our online drawing programme, you will find thousands of images of trees, plants, paving and products such as lighting. But if you want to make it even more personal, you can also import your own image into your garden design. Of course, this is also possible in our user-friendly tool! Simply click 'Edit' and then 'Add image' to insert the image of your choice into the drawing.

Video: own images in garden design

Watch the video on how to add your own images as moodboard in your design.


You can switch layers and images from your design 'on' and 'off'. This lets you decide what is shown or not shown in the garden design. Using the 'Settings' functionality, you can turn the images on or off, after which they are or are not visible in the print.


To put your own image in the garden design, choose 'Edit' at the top of the menu and then 'Add image'. Then click 'Choose file' to add the image of your choice.


When you import an image, it is placed in the heart of the drawing. Clear working space to the right or left of the drawing to 'park' the image temporarily. Watch the video above with additional instructions and get the most out of this handy functionality.

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