How can I create a mood board in my garden design?

You probably already have some idea in your head of what your dream garden should look like. Maybe you want a sleek pond, a lounge terrace and a nice play area for the children. Are you going for a natural atmosphere, a modern look or do you like a lot of colour in the garden? To get a good idea of what you want, it is useful to create a mood board in your garden design. The days when you cut pictures out of magazines and cut them on a piece of cardboard for this purpose are really over. Because in our online garden design programme, you can easily create a moodboard digitally! There are several ways to do that. A simple way is to click on 'webshop image' under the 'edit' button. Then search for certain plants, trees or products, such as lighting. View the results and add the image to your garden design.

Video: create mood board in garden design

Watch the video on how to create a mood board in your garden design.

It is also possible to make a print of your entire garden design. First choose a scale of 1 to 100 and then click 'file' and then 'print'. This is how you make a screenshot of your drawing. You can easily save this image and e-mail it to others, for example

Click on 'webshop image' under the 'edit' button and search for plants or products. Add the images of your choice to your garden design

The webshop images are conveniently divided into various categories, such as 'water', 'paving', 'outdoor living', 'play', 'green', 'trees' and so on. Watch the video above with additional instructions on adding and importing images and get the most out of this handy functionality.

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