Garden designs

How can I create garden designs?

Depending on your account, you can create a number of garden designs. When you are logged in, you can see on the garDsign homepage how many garden designs you are allowed to create. You can easily start a new design via 'New design'.

Video: creating garden designs

Watch the video on how to create a garden design.

Want to design one new garden? Then it can be just as handy to save several separate designs in our online drawing tool. Are you unsure, for example, whether you want a pond in your garden? Let your imagination run wild and create two completely different designs: one with a pond, the other without. That way you can easily compare the designs side by side and judge the effect of the pond on the rest of the garden.

Log in via tekenjetuin and click on 'New design' on the home page. Choose a working title for your new design. Then you can start drawing. Have fun!

Watch the video above with additional instructions on how to create a new garden design, and get the most out of this handy functionality.

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