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Together we make smart impact

garDsign helps you as a green professional to make an impact in improving the living environment. We do so with a concrete and practical approach: by providing tools and resources, and sharing our extensive (green) knowledge with you.

In 2012, our online drawing tool drawyourgarden.com went live. Since then, thousands of dream gardens have already been developed via the platform. Thanks to this tool, you can easily distinguish yourself in the market as a landscaper. In no time at all, you create extensive garden designs with 3D functionality, automatically generate order lists, simply draw up the quote and share it with the design via a link to the customer: simple, safe and fast.

Behind the scenes, the team is constantly working on new features to make the programme even more convenient and complete. Under the motto 'Every voice counts', we are open to your feedback. This allows us to develop many wishes and opportunities for the future. Through garDsign Academy, you have access to the knowledge centre where our experts share their knowledge with you. Year after year, the valuable information on garDsign.com continues to grow. For example, we offer expert knowledge on sustainable gardening and climate transition. Within our independent knowledge platform, you can follow online and offline courses and log in for interesting webinars, among other things. This digital knowledge bank is valuable for every horticulturist who wants to deepen their knowledge of their profession.

Under the motto 'green connects', we are constantly making new connections and sharing our knowledge to help budding, starting and experienced green professionals improve their living environment and make it more sustainable. New is the garDsign xpert group, where we spar with green professionals and then share this knowledge with others. The topics are diverse: from entrepreneurship to climate and energy transition. Together, we can make smart impact!

Based on my intrinsic motivation, I want to make a contribution in the climate and energy transition and improving the living environment. My goal? Making the world a better place, step by step. I do that from a practical approach. With our knowledge, tools and education, we help our users make the right choices in designing and maintaining future-oriented gardens.

Founder Teunis van de Pol

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